Lactantia Butter is Canada’s #1 national brand. Originating in 1947, Lactantia Butter has earned the reputation for being the finest-quality butter with a smooth and creamy taste. Lactantia Butter is made with 100% pure cream and at least 80% milk fat by weight. All Lactantia Butter is kosher.

Lactantia’s heritage in making the finest- tasting butter goes beyond the traditional formats consumers are accustomed to. Lactantia offers a wide variety of value- added butters that deliver exceptional taste and quality.

Formats available under the Lactantia brand include butter prints, micro butter prints, buttercups (salted and unsalted), whipped butter (tubs and cups), clarified butter and garlic butter. Each has a unique feature, delivering uncompromising taste.

Lactantia Butter delivers a fresh, premium taste.  Available in several different formats, in several different flavours, Lactantia’s wide range of products meet a wide range of users. Use Lactantia Butter for: • BAKING APPLICATIONS • CRUSTY ROLLS/BREAD • POPCORN • GARLIC BREADSTICKS  • THE PERFECT DIP FOR LOBSTER